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A round up of Black Friday sewing pattern sales…and some overseas ordering annoyances

28 Nov

Popping up in my blog reader and twitter feeds over the last couple of days have been lots of independent pattern companies with sales on their entire pattern range for Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Brilliant I thought! I mean, who doesn’t love a sale!

Below is a little round up of the sales I’ve come across:

Victory Patterns have a generous 30% off all their patterns to celebrate their anniversary and Black Friday

I may have ordered Lola…

Victory Patterns Lola

And maybe Ava as well…

Victory Patterns Ava

Most of Victory’s patterns are 20CAD for the printed pattern, 12CAD for the PDF (with 30% off on top of that). With the discount, the PDFs work out at about £5, so I bought those both as PDF. I’m not a *huge* fan of PDF patterns, I’d much rather have the printed version – I think they’re usually nicer, but they also save me the time of all that cutting and sticking and inevitable frustration when the lines don’t match up. But I’m also great at saving money, and if the difference is enough to justify the extra work, I’ll go for the PDF!

Papercut Patterns have 15% off all of their patterns

I’m seriously tempted by the Bellatrix Blazer (about £12 instead of £15), will have to ponder that one a bit more…

Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer

The bonus of Papercut Patterns is that they do free worldwide shipping, so no extra costs to worry about there.

Grainline Studio have 20% off their patterns, so now would be a good time to try the Archer shirt if you’ve been contemplating it!

Grainline Studio Archer shirt

Colette Patterns have 20% off all of their patterns tomorrow, which got me very excited, as I’ve been lusting after the Hawthorn for quite a while. Unfortunately the shipping charges from the US put a stop to my plans on buying the paper copy. With the 20% off, the paper copy will be $14.40. Unfortunately the shipping to UK is $15. So while just under £9 is a great price for the pattern, the extra £9 shipping means that it’s cheaper to buy it full price from a UK stockist (about £13.50 plus a couple of quid shipping). Colette do the Hawthorn as a PDF as well, which, with the discount, works out as just over $11, so I’ll probably go for that, but it makes me a little sad that I can’t benefit from the sale if I want the beautiful paper copy.

Colette patterns Hawthorn

That’s the only thing I find a bit frustrating about these sale – they’re a great decision maker when it comes to things you’ve been thinking about buying – if you can get it cheaper for a limited time, then you’ve got to make a decision! That is the main reason I own an iPad – a couple of years ago a colleague was going to the States on a business trip. Knowing how much cheaper iPads are to buy over there, if I was going to get one, that was the time, and so I made a snap decision, rather than umming and ahhing for months like I would have otherwise.

But when the sale doesn’t save me anything over buying it from a UK stockist at full price, whereas I would have gone ahead and bought it in the sale, there’s no imminent rush. Which means that half the time I will probably end up not buying the pattern in the end. That might be good for my wallet, but it isn’t so great for the pattern company, and I miss out on making a beautiful pattern!

I had a similar issue with Blue Ginger Doll‘s new pattern the Stella blouse.

Blue Ginger Doll Stella blouse

When Abby launched the pattern, she offered 10% off the pattern until the end of November. I haven’t made any Blue ginger Doll patterns yet, but I REALLY like look of Stella. Also, the possibility of a Stella dress, yes yes?  I went to buy it, but at £5 shipping, I’m actually better off waiting for it to become available with a UK stockist. Which is a shame, as, when I can, I’d much rather buy the patterns direct from the designers themselves, but not when I end up paying so much more in shipping to do so. Abby has now released Stella as a PDF, so that is at least a possibility if I don’t want to wait until I can get the pattern in the UK!

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the pattern companies offering these sales, and this is by no way a problem that is exclusive to sewing patterns. It’s just a shame that, in a world where most websites are global, companies still miss out on sales, and customers miss out on offers, because the high shipping charges make things unviable.

But, I’m going to end up with a few nice new patterns, and maybe I have brought a sale to your attention that you hadn’t been aware of before (enabler, me?)! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US, happy Thursday to everyone else! In honour of Thanksgiving, Marcus and I have gone for a roast dinner tonight (any excuse!), the chicken is in the oven and smelling good! Enjoy!


Finished: Grainline studio Scout woven tee…I’m not sure about it…

13 Aug

So, I made myself a Scout tee. I don’t like it. But I think I know why. I’ve seen (as I’m sure you have) a lot of grainline studio’s scout tees floating around the blogosphere. And they all look really great. Like, for example…


teafortwo scout tee

Image: Tea for two

Or Dixie’s:

dixie diy

Image: Dixie DIY

Or Jeni’s:


Image: In Color Order

Or Fiona’s lovely lace variation:

scout woven tee

Image: Diary of a Chainstitcher

But I wasn’t sure if it was something that I would like to wear. I tend to generally wear quite fitted clothes, which to be honest, wasn’t something I’d ever really noticed about myself until I started seeing things like the Scout online, and wondering why they didn’t particularly appeal to me. So the idea of a t-shirt that wasn’t stretchy and fitted was a little alien to me. But then I remembered some really lovely cotton print fabric which I’d bought in Mason’s when I bough the fabric for my first dress, and started thinking that it would make a really nice Scout tee. I decided to challenge my usual style a bit and go for it. music print fabric So I printed, traced and cut out my pattern and about 2 weeks later, finally had time to cut out my fabric and actually put it together. I’m really pleased with the construction and how it all came together. I decided to try my hand at French seams, and am really happy with how they’ve turned out. I had a couple of issues with the neckline in that the bias strip I had cut from the pattern wasn’t quite long enough when I pinned it on, but I ironed it again and stretched it out a bit and that was fine, even if my neckline doesn’t lay entirely flat. It was also my first attempt at setting in sleeves, and that went without a hitch too. But then I put it on. And kind of felt like I was wearing a tent. I mean, I knew it was going to be looser than I’m used to wearing, but it did seem to be excessively so. I thought maybe I was being critical so asked Marcus how it looked. His response was that he is used to seeing me in more fitted things. Hmm.

scout woven tee

Bit baggy there…

scout woven tee6

Little bit tent-like…

scout woven tee2

Hmmm…and yes, I totally realise these shoes don’t really go, I pulled some on quickly to take the pics and it was either these or my trainers!

scout woven tee4

I don’t like the way it hangs so far out at the back :(

At some point I looked at the sizing chart again and realised the measurements for the size 10 (which I’d made) were my measurements when I first took them when I started my sewing course, before I lost a bit of weight and an inch or two off all my measurements. Why I cut that size I have no idea. I know my measurements have changed, after I almost went a size too big on my bombshell swimsuit, and I also swore that I’d measure myself before every project, to avoid doing it in future. But for some reason those first set of measurements are ingrained in my head, and it didn’t even occur to me to double check. Turns out I should have made a size 8, which would account for some of the excess bulk. I’d say lesson learned, but I thought I’d learned last time!

scout woven tee3

The face says it all.

So now I’m trying to decide what to do with this one…do I:

  1. Wear it as is and hope I get used to it
  2. Make a sort of bias tape tie belt to wear with it
  3. Put some contour darts into the back of it to take it in a bit
  4. Rip it apart, cut the fabric down and make it in a size 8 instead…but the French seams are so beautiful! And I’m not sure how well the neckline in particular would hold up to being ripped apart and re-sewn.

I may do one of the above and also make myself another one, in different fabric, in the correct size, but I’d like to make the one I’ve got into something wearable as well.

What do you think I should do with it?

scout woven tee

Accidental model pose as I walk back to the camera!

On the plus side, I finally got round to fixing my decent camera, which has been broken for MONTHS, since a lens got stuck on it. I’d been unable to decide whether to pay someone an obscene amount of money to fix it, or to follow instructions on the web to do it myself by dissecting the lens from the outside until I could remove it. In the end, I opted for getting Marcus to perform the surgery for me, while I assisted as nurse, because it’s much easier to have someone else stick a pair of pliers inside your £600 camera than to do it yourself… Here he is in action!



Good job done!

Remains of my lens :(

Remains of my lens :(

So I now have a working SLR again, AND I finally got round to buying a new remote for it (the one I had for my previous camera doesn’t work with this one unfortunately), which means I can now take my own sewing creation photos! Although I did feel a little conspicuous taking the ones above – the only half decent backdrop for photos is the little strip of grass in the car park of our flats. Which all the flats look over. While I am posing there, with my camera and tripod set up. Self conscious much. This time, I think it was just our neighbour’s three year old watching me. He is officially the most awesome kid I know, he regularly comes out onto their balcony to greet me when I get home from work, it’s the cutest thing! May have to find somewhere less public to take my photos in future though!

But back to the point – how shall I fix my Scout?

(Don’t forget, you’ve still got until midnight tomorrow – Weds 14th) to enter the pattern giveaway!)

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