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A round up of Black Friday sewing pattern sales…and some overseas ordering annoyances

28 Nov

Popping up in my blog reader and twitter feeds over the last couple of days have been lots of independent pattern companies with sales on their entire pattern range for Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Brilliant I thought! I mean, who doesn’t love a sale!

Below is a little round up of the sales I’ve come across:

Victory Patterns have a generous 30% off all their patterns to celebrate their anniversary and Black Friday

I may have ordered Lola…

Victory Patterns Lola

And maybe Ava as well…

Victory Patterns Ava

Most of Victory’s patterns are 20CAD for the printed pattern, 12CAD for the PDF (with 30% off on top of that). With the discount, the PDFs work out at about £5, so I bought those both as PDF. I’m not a *huge* fan of PDF patterns, I’d much rather have the printed version – I think they’re usually nicer, but they also save me the time of all that cutting and sticking and inevitable frustration when the lines don’t match up. But I’m also great at saving money, and if the difference is enough to justify the extra work, I’ll go for the PDF!

Papercut Patterns have 15% off all of their patterns

I’m seriously tempted by the Bellatrix Blazer (about £12 instead of £15), will have to ponder that one a bit more…

Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer

The bonus of Papercut Patterns is that they do free worldwide shipping, so no extra costs to worry about there.

Grainline Studio have 20% off their patterns, so now would be a good time to try the Archer shirt if you’ve been contemplating it!

Grainline Studio Archer shirt

Colette Patterns have 20% off all of their patterns tomorrow, which got me very excited, as I’ve been lusting after the Hawthorn for quite a while. Unfortunately the shipping charges from the US put a stop to my plans on buying the paper copy. With the 20% off, the paper copy will be $14.40. Unfortunately the shipping to UK is $15. So while just under £9 is a great price for the pattern, the extra £9 shipping means that it’s cheaper to buy it full price from a UK stockist (about £13.50 plus a couple of quid shipping). Colette do the Hawthorn as a PDF as well, which, with the discount, works out as just over $11, so I’ll probably go for that, but it makes me a little sad that I can’t benefit from the sale if I want the beautiful paper copy.

Colette patterns Hawthorn

That’s the only thing I find a bit frustrating about these sale – they’re a great decision maker when it comes to things you’ve been thinking about buying – if you can get it cheaper for a limited time, then you’ve got to make a decision! That is the main reason I own an iPad – a couple of years ago a colleague was going to the States on a business trip. Knowing how much cheaper iPads are to buy over there, if I was going to get one, that was the time, and so I made a snap decision, rather than umming and ahhing for months like I would have otherwise.

But when the sale doesn’t save me anything over buying it from a UK stockist at full price, whereas I would have gone ahead and bought it in the sale, there’s no imminent rush. Which means that half the time I will probably end up not buying the pattern in the end. That might be good for my wallet, but it isn’t so great for the pattern company, and I miss out on making a beautiful pattern!

I had a similar issue with Blue Ginger Doll‘s new pattern the Stella blouse.

Blue Ginger Doll Stella blouse

When Abby launched the pattern, she offered 10% off the pattern until the end of November. I haven’t made any Blue ginger Doll patterns yet, but I REALLY like look of Stella. Also, the possibility of a Stella dress, yes yes?  I went to buy it, but at £5 shipping, I’m actually better off waiting for it to become available with a UK stockist. Which is a shame, as, when I can, I’d much rather buy the patterns direct from the designers themselves, but not when I end up paying so much more in shipping to do so. Abby has now released Stella as a PDF, so that is at least a possibility if I don’t want to wait until I can get the pattern in the UK!

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the pattern companies offering these sales, and this is by no way a problem that is exclusive to sewing patterns. It’s just a shame that, in a world where most websites are global, companies still miss out on sales, and customers miss out on offers, because the high shipping charges make things unviable.

But, I’m going to end up with a few nice new patterns, and maybe I have brought a sale to your attention that you hadn’t been aware of before (enabler, me?)! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US, happy Thursday to everyone else! In honour of Thanksgiving, Marcus and I have gone for a roast dinner tonight (any excuse!), the chicken is in the oven and smelling good! Enjoy!


Finished: Colette Patterns Madeleine Bloomers

5 Sep

The weekend before lastI had a sewing weekend, and it was AMAZING. I was meant to be away in the Peak District climbing for the weekend, but I have a horrible sinus infection, and was generally just feeling wiped out and really not up for it. Marcus still went up, so I had the weekend at home by myself to get some sewing done. I literally did nothing but sew, I didn’t even get dressed properly all weekend, just sat around in my pyjamas sewing :)

Now, I have to admit, despite having 2 whole days of little but sewing, I did not get as much done as I’d hoped. I didn’t for instance, put darts in the back of my scout tee, like I promised myself I would, or hem the dress that has been finished other than the hem for about 2 weeks now. I do have reasons/excuses for both of these, but really, they’ve kind of turned into sewing chores that I keep putting off, which is silly, because they’re both really quick jobs, and once I’ve done them, I’ll have 2 lovely new pieces of clothing to wear!

Colette Patterns Madeleine Bloomers

Oops, sorry for all the creases, they’ve been crumpled up in a pile at the end of my bed for a few days…

But onto what I did achieve! I’d been meaning to make Colette Patterns’ Madeleine Bloomers for a while now – it’s a free PDF download, and they look really cute. I even had some perfect fabric picked out, which is some of the stuff I got in my freecycle stash, but I just hadn’t had time to make them. Although I have a long list of items I want to make, I chose these for Saturday because I really wanted something that I knew I could FINISH. I haven’t finished an item of clothing (that I’m happy with, my Scout tee doesn’t count because it needs alterations!) since my Bombshell swimsuit, and that was getting me down a bit. I have all these plans, and haven’t managed to bring any of them to fruition. And meanwhile, the list of things I want to make is getting longer.


These took me longer to make than I thought they would (although that was only based on a friend saying that she’d made them in 2.5 hours), but I think that was because a) I was watching episodes of criminal minds in the background while I sewed (I know I’d probably sew quicker if I didn’t watch TV shows at the same time, but this way I get to enjoy doing two things I like!) b) I fell out with my overlocker, and spent quite a bit of time faffing around with her trying to get her to like me again – I finally realised on Monday that the threads weren’t through the tension discs properly, so now all is good and we’ve made up and c) Our (pretty small) dining table is the only place I have to cut out, lay out to pin, use my sewing machine, and use my overlocker, so I spent a lot of my time shifting everything around each time I needed to do a different job! Oh to have a sewing room!

Colette patterns Madeleine bloomers

Ha, sorry for the ironing board and general mess in the picture. I wasn’t going to stand outside in the car park to take these ones though!


Yeah, these photos aren’t the best are they?! Took me ages to take any, and then the first set were all blurry and I had to re-do them…I didn’t have a lot of patience for it!

Anyway, they are done, and I love them! I pretty much lived in them for the rest of the weekend once I’d finished them.

I overlocked all the seam allowances to finish them. I though about doing french seams on the side, but wasn’t sure how they would work with slightly curved seams. I think it’d be fine though, I might try that next time. I also had problems pinning my side edges together initially, I thought I must have cut them out wrong as they didn’t seem to match up, but then I realised I needed to ease them slightly, and it worked fine :)

Cute little pleats and bow :)

Cute little pleats and bow :)

I made them up in size small. My measurements actually fell halfway between small and medium, but given they’re quite loose fitting, and the waist is elasticated, I figure small would work just fine. We all know I’m not a fan of the loose clothes! They turned out fine in this size. They make great bumming round the house shorts, or pyjama shorts, and are really comfy! And free! What more could you want? I think these probably cost me less than 50p in total – free pattern, free fabric, 10p/m elastic from Walthamstow and cheap ribbon from a shop that was closing down – win!

And oh yeah, I totally had most of my hair cut off! Like 9 inches!! I was feeling spontaneous and let my hairdresser (who is a Lebanese hairdresser on Cowley Road and great and really reasonably priced!) get carried away! This is absolutely not what I had in mind when I went in, but I really like it!


All gone! And I never realised my hair was so wavy at the back!

While we’re talking about Cowley Road…I mentioned in post on fabric shopping that I saw a new yarn shop on Cowley road, but they were closed when I was there. Well I was down that way last Tuesday evening, dropping off my spare sewing machine to a friend who wanted to borrow it, and I saw they were open. So I popped in to have a look, and the place was rammed, with a knitting group! Including lurker of sewing blogs (and fellow attendee on my last course) Vairë! The shop is called The Fibreworks, and they have a knitting group in the shop every Tuesday evening from 6-8pm (and another one at some earlier time during the week) for anyone to go along to. I’ve been wanting to do a bit more knitting again, so I’m definitely going to head down there soon! I also picked up a few lovely buttons while I was in there. As a sewer, I feel like I have a distinct lack of buttons, so I felt it was time to remedy this :) I got a few of matching sets of varying numbers, plus a few odd ones, just because they were too cute to pass up!

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