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Finished: The Kitschy Coo Lady Skater

12 Jan

I actually finished this a while ago. Like a long while ago, but I am so behind in blogging things at the moment! But it’s finally made it on here!


Following on from my last post, another goal of mine for 2013 (that I actually completely forgot to list in my goals at the end of the post) is to get more comfortable sewing with knits. I made my Bombshell Swimsuit, and although that went brilliantly and I had no issues sewing with knits then, I seemed to have developed a bit of a fear of them since. How daft! It seems that, the more you know about how to do something, and the better you get at it, sometimes it becomes harder to do it, because you know what you *should* be doing, and get worried about getting it wrong. I really need to get over that.


So I thought myself off on knits gently by making Kitschy Coo’s Lady Skater, which is a pattern I’ve been meaning to make for a while. I have two lovely fabrics lined up to make this in – a lovely jade jersey, and some autumnal coloured patterned jersey, both from Minerva Crafts. But I wanted to make a toile first, and although those fabrics weren’t expensive, I love them, and am not sure I’d be able to get any more (the pattern one was a remnant), so I opted to use some grey jersey  that I had in my stash from my frecycle haul.


Twirly action shot!

The clear elastic I used for stabilising the shoulder and waist seams I got from eBay, after I failed to find any locally. I’m not actually sure that it’s exactly the right kind of elastic. I think it’s framillon elastic, which I think is used for hanging loops on underwear and tops etc, and is slightly cloudy looking, but it’s the only thing I could find. It went it ok and seems to do the job, but I do find the elastic on the waist seam quite scratchy.


The dress all went together without any major hitches…as far as I can remember, as I said, it was a while ago. But I don’t remember any, and it got finished pretty promptly, which implies there weren’t any! My overlocker and I seemed to get on fairly well, and I even managed to successfully use a twin needle on the hem. Admittedly I had to go back a fix a few bits where the edge of the hem hadn’t quite got caught up in the stitching, but not bad for a first attempt.


In half these photos I seem to be squinting into the sun. But at least there was sun!

I think the only thing I would change on this pattern would be to raise the waist seam by a couple of inches. It’s sitting just below my natural waist now, and I think it would look better raised. I’ll probably then add those extra couple of inches onto the bottom of the skirt, as although I’m only 5’3, I don’t really want it any shorter than this one is. Just as I’d made mine, I saw Emmely’s post, and someone else’s as well (but now I can’t remember whose…) where they both mentioned shortening the bodice as well.


I haven’t actually worn this dress since I’ve made it – I think, because I made the short sleeved version, it’s probably more of a summer dress. That scratchy elastic on the waist seem really bugs me as well. I really want to get on and make my jade one, but I want to find some (vaguely) matching overlocker thread – although the stitches aren’t really going to be seen, I think it will look so much neater, and it’s a colour I wear a lot, so I know I’ll need it again.


Floaty floaty dress :)

It’s a straightforward pattern to make, and such a great everyday comfy dress, that I know once I’ve made the others I’ve planned, I’ll get a lot of wear out of them.


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